Aluminum Windows


SMARTIA S67 is the new complete Tilt & Turn system of ALUMIL, which combines outstanding thermal insulation performances along with high construction flexibility and design.

Lift and slide Windows


SMARTIA S560 is a robust, thermally insulated, lift & slide and regular sliding system, which provides high thermal performance, modern design and is ideal for constructions with wide spans.

Curtain walls


SMARTIA M7 is a complete system for high energy efficiency curtain walls, which offers quality constructions in affordable prices and fully meets all stability and safety requirements.

Vinyl Windows

Skyreach 100

CLASSIC 1000 Series window system is designed with architectural lines that complement the structure of any home. Its aesthetics, performance, and durability, offers the homeowner security, comfort, and peace of mind. Available in a wide selection of configurations, this serie abides by rules of simplicity and creativity, making this an excellent replacement and renovation option.

Bifolding glass system

Bifold System

Bifold Glass Doors are becoming one of the most popular door choices for homes in the Canada, and are a wonderful addition to any home. Not only do they add a touch of luxury and style, but they are also incredibly practical – bringing convenience and functionality to your home. This system allows for a wide opening, creating a seamless transition and maximizing natural light and views.

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